Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes $80

90 minutes $110

other options available, see schedule for more

Therapeutic massage is a term intended to convey that the techniques used will feel good and constructive for the client. Some clients want to relax, some clients don't need a lot of pressure for the massage to feel effective, and still other clients need and want deep pressure for specific purposes regarding an injury, or because deep pressure is the only pressure that feels good. 

Cupping and gua sha are incorporated into massages at no extra cost and at my discretion, and I will ask for permission before I use them, or at the request of the client. I don't use these tools every time because sometimes it's not necessary or needed. 

I rely on feedback from my clients so that I can become a better massage therapist in general and a better massage therapist for you. It is always helpful to hear from you regarding your likes and dislikes, and it is encouraged that you speak up during your massage if you have some pointers, or to say something afterwards or at the next session, if you have ideas you'd like to share. It's not always easy to advocate for yourself but know that every massage therapist understands that this is your body and your time, and you shouldn't waste either getting a massage that doesn't speak to your needs.




drink water before and 

after your massage to 

keep your body hydrated